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"When I had my first session with Ed I was stuck in a rut in regards to my gym routine. I just tried to pile the weights on and push, pull or grunt my way to success. Ed’s dedication to technique instead of brute force and use of different equipment was very refreshing. In addition to this he sneaked my least favourite exercises in (core) so that I was strengthening the most important of my body whilst not realising it. I recommend Ed to anyone, from couch potato to athlete." — Andy S.
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To my friends and clients at Edinburgh Leisure: I have reached the difficult decision to sever ties with the company as of 30 April. I will be returning to Anchorage, Alaska in July, and in the meantime, will no longer be personal training at EL venues.

If you are a current client, or found your way here looking for a trainer, I highly recommend Gregor Ridley at Edinburgh Performance Training. I have had the pleasure over the last two years of observing Gregor, and I have found him to be knowledgable and professional. He has the skill to help you succeed, and he's a hell of a nice guy to boot.

It has been a pleasure to help so many fine people in my time with EL, and hope that you all continue with your fitness success.

In the meantime, though, consider liking my Facebook page! I will continue sharing stuff I find interesting or amusing, and I may even throw in an opinion or two, which should surprise exactly none of you. I hope these things help you on your way, or you at least get a nice chuckle out them.

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